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Aon Nederland

Aon Nederland, Insurance Brokers and Risk Consultants is part of Aon Corporation, a leader in risk management, insurance broking and other insurance related services. Aon is represented in 120 countries with more than 59.000 employees in 500 offices worldwide. In The Netherlands, the "Gateway to Europe", Aon Nederland has been active and strong in the logistic sector for a long time.

For more information about Aon please visit the website www.aon.com.

FENEX, Netherlands Association for Forwarding and Logistics

As organization representing freight forwarders and logistic service providers, FENEX has looked after the interests of almost 400 national companies for over 100 years. This joint protection of interests is intended to strengthen the position of the organised freight forwarder/provider of logistic services in the Netherlands. FENEX aims to create a climate in which its members are able to operate as efficiently as possible in favourable conditions. Another important aim is to achieve and maintain healthy relationships within the freight forwarding sector. Information and advice to members are of paramount importance where quality of service is concerned.To realise these objectives, the association puts a great deal of effort into influencing decision-making in the field of transport and logistics. Excellent contacts therefore have developed within both Dutch and European political and governmental institutions.

For more information about Fenex, please visit the website www.fenex.nl.