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Questions with regard to Marine Cargo Insurance or the website

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Which parties are involved?

Cargo Insurance Online is a collaboration between Aon Risk Solutions and FENEX. Please also check About us.

Who is the insurer?

This insurance has been placed with Amlin Corporate Insurance N.V.

General question about the insurance
Can storage be covered?

No, it is not possible to cover any kind of storage.

Is damage due to terrorist attacks insured?

Yes, this is insured.

What is the basic extent of the cover (All Risks)?

Covered is all loss of or damage to the insured goods, through whatever cause arising, including the contribution in general average and salvage charges.

Can I insure any amount?

The maximum insurable value on this site is EUR 1,500,000.00 or equivalent in any of the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, HKD. When the insured amount exceeds EUR 1,500,000.00 your request will be marked as a "Special Project" and should be treated accordingly.

Why should I also insure 10% extra?

It is often advisable to insure imaginary profit and/or costs. We advise you to discuss this with your client.

Which factors influence the premium?

The following factors have an influence on the premium: the route, the type of goods and the mode of transport

What to do in case of exceeding the maximum insured value?

If you require insuring a shipment of which the insured value exceeds the maximum insurable amount of EUR 1,500,000.00 (excluding the permissible 10 % imaginary profit and/or costs) the request will be marked as a "Special Project". Please follow any additional steps. Approval of the Special Project can take 1 to 3 working days.

Can I increase the premium towards my client?

We advise you not to do this. In that case you can be deemed an insurance intermediary with all the related legal ramifications. However it is possible that you charge an additional fee for administration.

How long does it take for me to receive the policy of insurance after submitting a declaration?

You will receive your policy documents immediately after submitting the declaration. Naturally, the insurance, provided that you have filled in the correct data and satisfied all requirements, will be effected immediately.

Why does the owner of the goods needs to insure; isn't the carrier already insured?

The carrier has only insured his (limited) liability and is in case of, for instance, circumstances beyond one's control, not liable. In such a case the owner of the goods will be left with considerable costs.

Can the insurer, after he has paid damages to my client, hold me liable as freight forwarder?

No, it has been agreed that the insurer will not take recourse on the FENEX freight forwarder. This is an additional advantage to using Cargo Insurance Online. Recourse on for example actual carriers remains possible.

How can I get a complete overview of all my clients?

Cargo Insurance Online offers you the possibility to extract all data in regard to all your insurances into an Excel worksheet. This worksheet can be used as a great management tool.

Requesting a quotation online
How do I request a quotation/premium online?

See the manual on this page.

Is there a minimum premium?

A minimum premium of EUR 25.00 is always applicable per shipment.

Insure online
How to arrange insurance online?

See the manual on this page.

Can I insure a shipment after it has been shipped?

Yes, it is possible by exception to insure an already shipped shipment.

My customer has various identical shipments to insure. Do I have to keep logging these?

You have two options:

  1. you log each shipment separately
  2. you copy an existing insurance, change the necessary details of the shipment (i.e. date, insured value) and than effect the insurance.

Can I delete an already arranged cargo insurance?

In case you wish to delete an arranged insurance please click on the "request for void" button in "Bound declarations". You can now fill in the reason why you want to delete your insurance and send a request for cancellation.

Can I change an already effected insurance?

Go to "Bound declarations" and open the insurance you wish to change. Click on the "request for void" button and follow the steps. After you have sent us your cancellation, you must now arrange a new insurance online if that is desired. It is not possible to make direct changes in already effected insurances.

Special projects, excise duties & excluded goods
When do my goods qualify for a Special Project?

The following goods cannot, because of their specific nature, be directly insured through this website:

  • mobile/cellular phones
  • live stock
  • fresh vegetables/fruit
  • fresh flowers/plants
  • groundnuts
  • money/valuables/papers of value/ornaments/objects of art
  • dry and liquid goods in bulk

Also, when the insured amount exceeds EUR 1,500,000.00, the declaration will be marked as a "Special Project". In case you want to insure a "Special Project" please follow the additional steps during the declaration process. An email will be sent to Aon and you will be contacted in regard to your request within 1-3 working days.

Can I insure all goods?

No, not all goods can be insured and for some goods it is not possible to arrange an insurance online through this website (Special Projects).

What are the main exclusions of the policy?

malintent, inherent vice and inherent deterioration.

What about excise duties?

Excise duties on non-cleared goods cannot be insured. Should such cases occur, we request you to contact Aon Risk Solutions, Marine Department.

What should I do case I cannot find a certain country?

Cargo Insurance Online uses the official ISO 3166-1 country code. The usual name of a specific country may, in some cases, differ from it's official name. Try to type in the first or first two letters of the country you wish to find and also take into account that some countries are excluded.

What to do in case of damage?

Naturally, service is one of your key assets in your customer relations as a FENEX freight forwarder. Significantly, effective and swift handling of claims that arise in connection with cargo insurance that you have effected on behalf of your customers, is an integral part of that service. Below you will find a list of steps that should be taken into account by your customers or the party who has incurred the damage (for instance the consignee). You may of course, on behalf of your customer submit the claim according to the below procedure. If you choose not to do this, please make sure you bring this procedure to the attention of your customer in case of loss or damage.You can do this in an easy manner by mailing the below procedure (in the Dutch or English language) to your customer. It is of importance that below procedure is followed closely so to protect the interests of the parties, including the Underwriters, involved.

Procedure in case of loss or damage to cargo insured through Cargo Insurance Online.

  1. In case of loss or damage the Insured must apply directly to Aon. Aon will assist in the steps to be taken as for instance in the appointment and instruction of a Lloyd's Agent or another Loss Surveyor. Aon can be reached directly at the address mentioned below:

    Aon, Claims First Party Marine, P.O. Box 518, 3000 AM Rotterdam, Netherlands.


  2. In case the above is not possible, we request the Insured to apply to the nearest Lloyd's Agent for survey if and when the estimated amount of loss or damage exceeds an amount of EUR 1,250.00 (Insured must take into account any applicable deductible). The Insured can find contact details of the nearest Lloyd's Agency on Do not appoint a Lloyd's Agent if another surveyor is mentioned on the front of the Insurance Certificate or Cargo Policy.
  3. In case of disagreement with the surveyor or other difficulties one may encounter, communicate immediately with Aon Risico Management in Rotterdam.
  4. It is of importance that in the event the Insured notices any irregularities, such as loss or other visible damage, upon receipt of the cargo, the Insured makes appropriate remarks on receipts or other relevant documents. The Insured is to claim immediately for missing packages from the Carriers, holding them liable in writing for the loss. One should also invite Carriers for joint survey. If damages are not visible upon receipt, one should make sure the written claim be directed to Carriers within the time frame set for such claims in the applicable Conditions of Carriage. Of course, when in doubt please contact Aon Risico Management.
  5. Finally the documentation of the claim is important for swift settlement. Please make sure the following documents are collected and presented in one bundle to Aon Risk Services:
    • An original Insurance Policy or Insurance Certificate.
    • An original Lloyd's survey report (or alternate report of survey if so agreed) If damages are estimated to be below EUR 1,250.00 and no Lloyd's Agent was appointed, proof of loss or damage should be provided by other means, such as photographs and/or similar suitable methods.
    • Documents pertaining to the Contract of Carriage such as the Original Bill of Lading or original Waybill or an other document that may serve as evidence of a Contract of Carriage. Please make sure the reverse side of the Bill of Lading is also included as this side usually depicts the applicable Conditions of Carriage.
    • Original or copies of invoices, packing lists and weight specifications.
    • A landing account and/or weight specifications at discharge.
    • Copies of the written correspondence between the Insured and Carriers with regard to liability and protests etc.
    • Other documents pertaining to the cargo, such as health certificates and/or general average deposit receipts.

Access, security & passwords
What are cookies?

These are files on your computer with information about your data. Those files are not dangerous. It is possible that your firewall won't let them trough. It is not possible to run Cargo Insurance Online without cookies. You have to make sure that your internet browser allows the cookies.

What if I don't log off the site?

You will be automatically logged off if you shut down the site. If you are not active on the site for 30 minutes you also will be automatically logged off.

Which browser version do I need?

The web application runs in any modern Internet browser.

An idle time out has exceeded. But I can't log on again.

Close all your browser windows and then log on again.

I forgot my password what can I do?

Please contact the helpdesk, E-mail:

Cover details
What cover conditions are applicable?

The insurance conditions are laid down in the insurance contract, which FENEX, on behalf of its members, has effected with the insurer. This contract is available for your perusal at the office of FENEX. The standard cover (All Risks) is based upon the following (English, internationally accepted) clauses/conditions: Institute Cargo Clauses (A) CL 252 dated 1.1.82 and/or Institute Cargo Clauses (Air) (excluding sendings by post) CL 259 dated 1.1.82, as applicable. Institute War Clauses (Cargo) CL 255 dated 1.1.82 and/or Institute War Clauses (Air Cargo) (excluding sendings by post) CL 258 dated 1.1.82, as applicable. Institute Strikes Clauses (Cargo) CL 256 dated 1.1.82 and/or Institute Strikes Clauses (Air Cargo) CL 260 dated 1.1.82, as applicable. Institute Radioactive Contamination, Chemical, Biological, Bio-chemical and Electromagnetic Weapons Exclusion Clause. Termination of Transit Clause (Terrorism) For some categories of goods special (additional) conditions apply. If applicable to the chosen category of goods these conditions appear automatically on the screen "My quotations". The given cover is in force "from warehouse to warehouse". During (usual) storage during the ordinary course of transport the goods remain insured. Separate storage (without transport) cannot be insured through this site. The above mentioned is only a limited summary. The cover according to the insurance contract (policy number T0100046623) will prevail at all times.

What are the main exclusions?

Malicious intent of the insured party, inherent vice.