What we offer

In collaboration with Aon, FENEX has developed Cargo Insurance Online (CIO). With CIO, these two parties have created to possibility for FENEX-members to arrange insurances directly online. Quick access, speed, convenience and high usability are key elements for this new feature. Our aim is to assist our members as good as possible with the arranging and maintaining of all their cargo insurances online.

Cargo Insurance Online offers you as a FENEX-member the opportunity to arrange cargo insurances on behalf of your customers in a fast, simple manner and at competitive rates.

Once logged in, you are able, with a few clicks of the button, to obtain a premium quote or to effect cargo insurance directly. When you have effected cover, Cargo Insurance Online offers you the option to print out an insurance certificate or to apply for a cargo-policy. In addition, you can also print out the essential cover details for your records.

Also a purpose of Cargo Insurance Online is to keep all your administration with respect to cargo insurance as simple and efficient as possible. With Cargo Insurance Online you have available clear overviews (of your prepared premium quotes and of your effected cargo insurances) and you will receive, regarding your effected cargo insurances, a clear monthly invoice.

Why Cargo Insurance Online?

Generally, the FENEX freight forwarder/member applies on his activities the Dutch freight forwarding conditions. These conditions arrange the contractual relationship between the freight forwarder and his customer including the responsibilities in case of damage to or loss of the goods during transportation.

The liability of the freight forwarder according to the Dutch freight forwarding conditions is limited. Consequently, the owner of the goods will not be fully compensated by the freight forwarder in case of damage to or loss of the goods. Further, the actual carriers have limited their maximum liability.

It is therefore common practice that the owner of the goods buys such insurance for the full value of the goods. The freight forwarder can, as an additional service, effect such an insurance on behalf of his customer. An additional advantage of this practice is that the often expensive and long lasting claims, that lead to commercial problems, can be avoided.

Aon Nederland

Cargo Insurance Online has been designed and developed and will be maintained by Aon Nederland, Insurance Brokers and Risk Consultants.